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Hen Party Games Part 2

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12. Dam Busters
This is one to bring out the inner gymnast. Stand on a sturdy chair with a bowl about two feet in front on the floor in just your knickers (or less). Clench a stack of coins between your bum cheeks and adopt the international sign of the Dam Buster i.e. touch your thumb and index finger tips together to form goggles. Now sing the tune of the Dam Busters until you feel ready to cry, “Bombs Away” and leap off the chair over the bowl, opening your legs to let the coins drop. The person with the most coins in the bowl wins!! Sounds a little ambitious/dangerous? Just try standing in front of the bowl and walking/hopping over to release the coins. PS Do enjoy handing the still warm coins over to the Barman as a tip!!

13. Naughty Treasure Hunt
Great for when you are staying at a hotel where no one will ever see you again!! Teams or individuals in a room must be given 10 mins to return with an item or items chosen from the following list.
• Item of saucy Women’s Underwear
• Men’s underwear, worn and preferably still warm!!
• Novelty condom – UNUSED!
• Adult Toy
• Phallic-shaped food
• Aphrodisiac
• Personal item with explanation
• Famous person’s phone number
• The most gorgeous bloke you can find
• Of course you can add your own!!

14. Pass the Balloon
There will be no shortage of blokes willing to play these last two games with you. Two or more teams line up across the room. Each team has one of those long balloons and must grip it between their knees. The balloon must then be passed up the line without the use of hands, just the knees and thighs. First team to get their balloon to the end wins, start again if the balloon is dropped or goes off BANG!

15. Matchbox Mayhem
Split into pairs and tie a potato on a length of string so that it just touches the ground between the players’ feet when attached to a belt or around the waist. Place a matchbox or similar on the ground and then use the swing of the hips to knock the matchbox with the potato between you partner’s legs. Remember, no hands allowed, just gently thrusting hip movements. This is also a great icebreaker at a couple’s party!!!

16. Cereal Packet
Pick Up / Bend Over Take an empty cereal packet and place it on the ground. Each guest must bend over and pick it up with their teeth without touching the ground with hands or knees. When everyone has had a go tear off a strip around the box to make it lower and everyone goes again. Keep tearing off strips until only the supplest people are left. If you can pick up the bottom of the box from the floor with just your lips you get a round of applause and the astonished admiration of everyone.

17. Pass The Parcel
Like the children’s game, make up a parcel with about five to ten layers, in each layer place a forfeit or book a party, and the game prize can be put into the middle. You need to make sure they have some music so you can play this game.

18. Pop Corn Game
You will need a bowl of popcorn, and some straws. It is best to put the girls into two teams, with a straw each and each team with two bowls (one empty and one with popcorn) The idea is to transfer the popcorn from one bowl to the other, each girl transferring a piece at a time, so they all have a go. The team that empties there bowl the quickest wins. It is best to have the two bowls per team apart from each other because it makes the game more fun.

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Hen Party Games

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Hand Bag Game Nice game to get everyone settled.
Start with each person taking 3 items from their handbag + placing them in separate paper bags. Then give them to a nominated person who opens each bag in turn. The rest of the party has to guess who they belong to. 6. Truth or Hen Night Dare Use the cards below for this game. Starting with the Bride-To-Be, take a Truth Question Card. The bride has to answer the question truthfully or take a Dare Card. Get to know all the gory details before the speeches.

Use the following headings: Her name, , his name, where they had sex, what position and who caught them doing it! Fold over the paper after each heading and pass on to the person on the left. At the end, unfold and read out the story.

Condom Fitter
Put a condom on a courgette with your mouth. Have a saucy prize and a round of applause for the person who can put a condom on a courgette in the quickest time only using their mouth.

Male Model
Split into teams and model male body parts using play dough (see 29 for recipe) giving points for realism and/or optimism. Try modelling blindfold for further laughs. Buy play dough or make it from the recipe below. You’ll need lots. 2 cups flour, 2 tblsp cream of tartar, 1 cup salt, 1 tablespoon oil, red food colouring. Mix all ingredients in a pan, cook over a medium heat until stiff. Allow to cool a bit and knead. Feels fantastic!!

Musical Chairs

You might think you need music for this game but you don’t only a set of questions. If the ladies answer to the questions you read is yes, she must move one place to the right. If the answer is no she stays where she is. This means people will be sitting on each other’s laps etc. It is the first one to sit back down where they started. So make sure you have a long set of question just in case or use the set of thruths / questions I sell on eBay.

Ibble Dibble
Everyone in the group gets a number starting with Ibble Dibble One, Ibble Dibble Two and so on. Ibble Dibble One starts and says, “Ibble Dibble One, with no Dibbles calls Ibble Dibble (any other number present but lets say ‘Three’) with no dibbles” Then it is Ibble Dibble Three’s turn to say, “Ibble Dibble Three with no dibbles, calls Ibble Dibble ‘Four’ with no Dibbles,” “Where’s the fun in that?” I hear you cry.

Well, as soon as someone makes a mistake with their Ibble Dibble sentence they must have a Dibble of Lippy/burnt cork on their faces. Now they have to say, “Ibble Dibble Four with one dibble calls Ibble Dibble one with no Dibbles,” and anyone calling Ibble Dibble Four must remember she has one dibble. But the more drink consumed the more Dibbles appear and the more Dibbles appear the more mistakes are made and the more drink is consumed, like a vicious circle, do you see?

In the end everyone (except some smart arse – there’s always one) is covered in red or black splodges and rolling on the floor laughing.

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Camera roulette and the banana party game

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1. Camera Roulette
Buy a cheap auto focus camera with a flash and a self-timer. Set the timer and the game begins. Each player must hold the camera at arm’s length and point it at themselves (or an intimate part of their body e.g. up their skirt, down their top etc.) very briefly, before passing it on to their left.

2. Egg Roulette
Get a box of eggs, enough for one per person. Boil all but one of them leaving one raw. Mix them up so no one knows where the raw one is. Everyone has to take an egg and one-by-one smash them on their foreheads / over their heads. The loser is the one with the raw eggs. Very messy!

3. Banana
Divide the group into pairs or couples. The one lady will blindfold the other who holds a long banana in her hand. When the music starts, she is required to spin around in circle. Once music stops, the lady stops spinning and attempts to feed the banana to her partner, who will be squatting like a monkey. The one with the banana in her mouth first wins.

4. Unwrapping
Wrap up a small gift. Then wrap this box in a succession of larger boxes/paper. Use DUCT tape for the wrapping. Don’t tell anyone about the layers of boxes. Get two dice and a flowery nightdress, a pair of washing up gloves, a pair of big knickers. Get everyone in a circle and put the box in the middle. Choose a number to roll for a person to get a chance at opening the box e.g. 4. Begin rolling the dice. Each person gets one roll then passes the dice. When someone rolls the number of choice e.g. 7 they have to put on all the clothes and try to open the box. They only get to try until a new person rolls the same number.

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